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Complete beginner or experienced fitness enthusiast, there’s a class on the Mr.J’s timetable you’ll LOVE!

Feel the music and let loose! ZUMBA is the largest and most successful fitness programme in the world! Dubbed “Exercise in Disguise,” ZUMBA is the fun fitness class where you literally party yourself into shape! Using international rhythms, ZUMBA takes basic dance steps and adds fitness variations to give you an exhilarating workout. So whether it’s a Latin American Salsa, or Caribbean Calypso, ZUMBA will lift your spirits …the calorie burning comes as a bonus!

ZUMBA is approximately 50 mins duration.
Easy / Moderate

Step Aerobics thrives as an ongoing fitness trend after being scientifically proven to strengthen the knee joint, firm the muscles of the hips, thighs and buttocks, improve mood and fight depression, improve bone density and lower cholesterol, whilst increasing HDL cholesterol - the good cholesterol that helps us fight heart disease.
Step is a great cardiovascular workout and utilises the largest muscles in the body. These large muscles require a lot of energy to sustain the repetition, making Step a very efficient calorie burner.
With gravity being a downwards force, the “upward” nature of step, (followed by a step down and never a jump) means Step Aerobics is classed as a low impact form of exercise.

Simply STEP, is a straight forward step class that is suitable for beginners, or those who prefer a good cardiovascular workout without any complex stepping patterns.

CARDIO-STEP is slightly faster and has a mixture of stepping patterns - some more complex than others - and is an ideal class for those wanting a more challenging Step class. Previous step experience is ideally required

CARDIO-STEP XTREME is a much faster paced step class that has complex stepping patterns. Previous experience is required. This class is not suitable for beginners
Moderate / Hard

Strength, Cardio, Core …TX3 is ONE Workout that does it ALL!  With intervals of cardio, strength training and stability exercises, TX3 is a single, all round, effective workout that is suitable for both men and women, whatever their level of fitness. The dumbbells provided for the muscle conditioning exercises come in various weights and participants are encouraged to stay within their own personal limits. Although the cardio intervals can be quite tough, lower intensity alternatives are offered to allow participants to increase their fitness gradually, and again all participants  are encouraged to stay within their own personal limits and to rest at any time.


TX3 is suitable for both beginners and conditioned athletes looking to make fitness gains.
Moderate / Hard

It’s back!! “Retro Moves” to “Retro Grooves” work out to the sounds of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s in this wonderfully motivating and nostalgic class!
Retro-Aerobics is suitable for absolutely anyone. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, how fit or unfit, the sounds of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are enough to get anyone moving! Every single move in this class can be performed low-impact and each participant is able to work at his/her own level. Head bands and bright pink leg warmers are not essential, but arriving with lots of energy is a must!


There’s just one Retro-Aerobics class per week on Thursday evenings. Remember, you may not take part in any class bare foot. Good training shoes absorb impact, protect your feet and provide cushioning and support.
Easy / Moderate

Simply Stretch and Relax is a gentle class that focuses on stretching the muscles to improve flexibility and range of movement, paying particular attention to problem areas, where due to modern day lifestyles muscles have become short and tight, such as around the hips, buttocks and thighs. The stretches are performed statically (no bouncing) and slowly flow from one to another to slow, easy listening, chill out music. The class ends with a relaxation section that includes breathing and visualisation techniques to help relieve stress and promote a sense of wellbeing.


This class is suitable for anyone of any age and at any level of fitness. It is ideal for complete beginners who are looking to improve suppleness or just a gentle introduction to group exercise.

Many people can feel nervous about taking part in a fitness class for the first time. Visit our
“4-ANY-BODY” page which lists classes that have been identified as being suitable for anyone, of any level but are particularly suited to beginners or those looking for a gentler introduction to exercise >>

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