Stretch & Relax is completely non-impact and requires minimal effort. The class is ideally suited to those looking to gently improve suppleness and ends with a short, calming relaxation section to help combat stress.
Currently Unavailable

Retro-Aerobics is a low impact aerobic class to music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Modifications are given throughout the class so participants can work harder, or easier depending on their own personal fitness level.
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Simply Step on Tuesdays and Thursdays is a less complicated, easier-to-follow step class that makes is ideal for beginners. Step is relatively low impact compared to other forms of exercise and beginners can use a platform from as little as just 4” in height.
Tuesdays and Thursday 6.30pm  EASY / MODERATE

ZUMBA is dance based with easy-to-follow moves, with the emphasis being on the enjoyment of moving to music - not perfect dancing. ZUMBA attracts participants of all ages and abilities and we have regular weekly attending participants who are in their 80’s! The moves are easily adaptable, allowing individuals to work at their own level.
Sun 10.30am, Tues 7.20pm, Weds 10.00am, Weds 7.45pm   EASY / MODERATE

Classes  contain basic moves and are easier to follow.

Classes are categorised as easy or moderate in intensity, with adaptations to allow the participant to work at their own level.

Classes that have a steady influx of beginners on a weekly basis.

Classes that are suitable for an unconditioned adult who may feel nervous about returning to exercise or exercising for the first time.

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Many people can feel nervous about taking part in a fitness class for the first time. 4-ANY-BODY are classes that have been identified as being suitable for anyone, of any level and are particularly suited to beginners or those looking for a gentle introduction to exercise.


Freestyle Fitness Yoga is yoga taught from a fitness perspective. There is no chanting or mantra, just controlled moves which promote strength, balance, stability and deep stretch. Participants are simply encouraged to perform the moves to the best of their ability.
Mon 7.30pm, Thurs 9.45am, Thurs 7.30pm  MODERATE

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